Noms - Bunsen

As you will learn about me I have a few food weirdnesses that effect me from eating all the lovely foods that I otherwise would. Unfortunately it prohibits me from eating any wheat, dairy, eggs, cashews or shellfish :( Cashews and shellfish are fairly easily avoided for me it's the first three that prove a tad more difficult. Thankfully I'm only intolerant to these and not allergic, which allows me to sometimes be a little bit bold.

Eating in or at work is usually pretty easy going but once I venture into town it turns a bit more difficult. Lately though my eating social life has gotten much much better! With places around town popping up with allergy/intolerance friendly menus it's great!

Recently I ate in Bunsen on Wexford st. I love it! They have a simple menu with Gluten Free and Paleo options. he staff are friendly and the service is pretty good, it's has a nice relaxed feeling about the place with just the right amount of hipster fixtures, making it accessible to everyone.

The burgers are cooked to order and are super tasty! You have two options, hamburgers or cheeseburgers and you can have doubles of either too, and most importantly - chips. You have three types to choose from which puts them in my good books for life :) I recommend getting a milkshake if you can have that sort of thing! :)

Check out their site - they have a couple of cute videos on how they make their food.